About the Paper Bag Pantry family and our values

Paper Bag Pantry began one Sunday morning when I was baking. I was rummaging around my pantry looking for something amongst the draws of plastic bags, each with tiny amounts of seeds or nuts in them, discovering things long forgotten and well past their use by date.

I thought, I have to do this better. I love cooking for my family, and I want to know what’s in our food.  What I didn’t like was all the plastic and food waste that comes along with buying all the ingredients.

So the Paper Bag Pantry was born. We created a place where you can buy quality whole foods that are sent to you in fully recyclable or compostable packaging.  A place where you can buy the amount you want – from 1 gram to 10 kilograms – meaning no more food waste.

We also stock products that can help reduce waste, from reusable produce bags to beeswax wrap to reusable drinking straws.

Where we can we source local. There are so many great growers and people making innovative reusable products in New Zealand.

We hope you like our online store, and if you’d like to chat just send us a message elena@paperbagpantry.nz

We’re pretty excited about this.

From our pantry to yours.

Elena, Mark & B.